Olivia Kiefer
2 min readAug 30, 2018


What’s your name, major and hometown?

Olivia Kiefer, Criminology, Madison WI

What would be the most useful thing for me to know about you as a student?

I actually care about the rules.

What do you wish was different about school?

I wish there was less pressure put on students and it was more about the want to learn.

Describe a moment in school last year when you felt really engaged. Why do you think that moment was such a positive one for you?

I felt really engaged in my law class when we would do mock trials. I’ve considered being a lawyer so it was fun for me to get into it.

What do you think teachers think about you, and what do you wish they’d think about you?

I think teachers think I can be too talkative sometimes and consume the conversation, and I hope hey think of me as a bubbly addition to the class.

Tell me about a teacher who you feel knew you well. What kind of student were you in his or her class? What did he or she do to get to know you?

My high school history teacher knew me really well throughout high school even when I didn’t have him for class. I was a focused student but could also joke with him and have a good time. Our relationship was formed over being cubs fans in Madison where everyone loves the brewers!

If you could build a school, what would it look like?

Open spaces and natural lights. Psychologically natural light can brighten people’s moods and I think I’m lost of schools the day drags on. Also spaces for people to communicate and make friends is always positive.

What do you wish I would ask you so that I can be a good teacher for you?

How are your other classes going?

What makes a weekend day great for you?

Sleeping in and drinking coffee.

What’s the best thing you’ve experienced on campus so far?

Just being away from home and living with my roommate. Also making friends on my floor.

What is your favorite song right now and why?

Money money money, because it’s from mamma Mia and college is draining my bank account.

Finally, include a photo of yourself in your Medium post so I can start putting faces to names.

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Olivia Kiefer

Student at Marquette University majoring in criminology and minoring in sociology, psychology, and anthropology.